Monday, July 25, 2011

micro managing

what do you think about micro managing?
Do you micro or let go and let others handle it?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Get over it?

What do you say when someone tells you to "get over it"?

I am angry right now and will certainly not get over it right now.
Or maybe for the way it was my husband who said it..

Any takers on this concept?

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Answering the work phone

Nothing ticks me off faster than having to answer the phone at work . I work in a Starbucks and we have become the 411 of the area.
Typical calls:

I can't reach the store next to you. Can you tell me if they are open?
Can you tell me if the bagel store nearby has any poppy bagels left?
There is a jam on the freeway. Can you tell me what is the hold-up.

Followed by:
Can you tell me where you are located?
Are you open? DUH it is 9am and I answered the phone, I am open!
Why are your umbrellas green?
Where is a good place to buy an airplane ticket?
CAn I place an order for 27 frapucchinos, with EXTRA whip cream?
The list goes on and on.
We all groan and take #'s for who answers the phone next.

What about your calls at work?? What kind do you get??
Thanks Coco

Saturday, January 6, 2007

I ticked myself off

Ok so I have been taken over by the creeping crud cold and flu that everyone has. I am ticked off that co-workers who are sick don't stay home and KEEP THEIR GERMS TO THEMSELVES !!!!
What are we to do??? Now I have to spend $$ on drs and meds and loose time from work. Thanks Everyone.
Coco is a bit crabby today.
Who has sick workers ticking them off???
Let us know

Friday, December 29, 2006

Late for work!

Why is it that some people feel they can walk in late for work with NO consequences?

I work in a coffee shop and my day is dependent on my workers showing up and being on time.

I have had several workers lately who seem to have a bad work ethic. Really ticking me off.

I had a bunch of customers ranting at me because of a long line today. What I really wanted to say

to them is "you have to wait because I have some entitled workers who can't show up on time"!!!!

Their response? FIRE THEIR BUTTS!

That does sound like a good idea, doesn't it???



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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Drive thru mailboxes

What kind of complete moron would drive up to a Drive-thru mailbox at the Post Office and get out of HER car and then proceed to unlock the car trunk and then get her 1 letter out and then walk around to the side of her car to mail her letter? A woman who held up about 15 cars on a busy street tonight! There were so many cars backed out onto a busy road and traffic was stopped. Horns were blaring and voices were raised. I am surprised that she didn't drive away without mailing her 1 letter. It was very dangerous for all of us hanging out in the street in traffic. How inconsiderate of her!
Does everyone in the country know the meaning of DRIVE-THRU?
Drive-thru bank, Starbucks, McDonalds, post office and others are really time-savers if used properly.
Please think of others before using!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cell Phone Crazies

Well- I am standing in a long line of holiday shoppers today. What do you think I have to listen to???

A woman telling all about her date last night. She was telling everyone within hearing distance

about her make out session with her date. I just wanted to say "Hey, we really are not interested in what a bad

kisser he was". Or , how he forgot his wallet and you had to pay. Sounds like an internet date again!!!!

really don't want to hear this. TMI.

Cell phone users- please watch what you are saying.